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LikeFiction CMS

The LikeFiction CMS is the basic package to maintain you website. This CMS (abb. of Content Management System) helps you to:

  1. Edit existing pages of your website
  2. Create invoices for your customers
  3. Support for differtent languages on your website
  4. And much more
You can extent our CMS with different modules. If you would like to have more information about these modules, please contact us. You can try all modules free of charge for 30 days. If you buy multiple modules, discounts are possible. Click here for an overview of all available modules.


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20 April, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.2 Release!
You can download the (more..)

16 February, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.1 Released!
You can download the (more..)

29 January, 2009
Freelancers gezocht!
Wij zijn opzoek naar (more..)

14 September, 2008
GameHostPanel 3.0.0 Released!
You can download the (more..)