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The current release is version 3.0.0 released at 6 January 2008.
If you have any problems updating, please contact us. Do not forget to read the changelog! It contains important (update) information.

Date Description Download
6 Jan 2008 FleXbouncer 3.0.0

Starting of this version, the Webpanel has been integrated with GameHostPanel. GameHostPanel can be downloaded from this website, too. See the changelog.txt for update information.

This version should run on all 32bit Linux systems. If you need a 64bit version, please contact us.
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20 April, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.2 Release!
You can download the (more..)

16 February, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.1 Released!
You can download the (more..)

29 January, 2009
Freelancers gezocht!
Wij zijn opzoek naar (more..)

14 September, 2008
GameHostPanel 3.0.0 Released!
You can download the (more..)