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About FleXbouncer

FleXbouncer is an IRC Bouncer written for use on Linux servers. Since the first version, mayor improvements are made to make FleXbouncer a stable, fast multi-user IRC Bouncer.
FleXbouncer uses a MySQL database as backend to store all user-data. Almost every database can be changed directly in the database, making it easy to create your own administration interface to FleXbouncer.

We also developed a module for GameHostPanel, making it easy for you to host bouncers on your website. It includes an order and management system. The module is bundled in GameHostPanel. If you want to make use of this free module, please contact us for a license. A license is free if you own a FleXbouncer license.

FleXbouncer has many features. If you have any new idea, please let us know. The most important features are:
  • Multi-user ready (1000 users for example is no problem at all!)
  • Everything is saved in a MySQL database. No editing of plaintext files or login needed!
  • Users can be added/removed/changed in the database while FleXbouncer is running.
  • Runs on all x86 Linux-based operating systems (32bit binary, 64bit binary on request).
  • Logs your messages while you\'re away, automatically displays messages when you come back (with option to delete).
  • Away-nickname (changes automatically when you leave / come back).
  • Leave-message.
  • Virtualhost support (can be changed in database only, easy to give customers a static, unchangeable virtual host).
  • Basic commands are the same as PsyBNC, which makes it easier for existing users to migrate.
  • Supports Ident requests using oidentd.
  • Supports very large channels too, like #2on2, which for example PsyBNC can\'t handle.
  • No DCC support (Against illegal download activities)
  • Limit the number of connection per client IP address to 1 on per-user basis. (To make sure that one user cannot connect 50 bouncers to some network.)
  • If you own a license: Fast e-mail/IM support

Web interface features (included for free!):
  • Users: Can create an account on the website and order products.
  • Users: Can manage their bouncers themselves (add, remove) with an optional remove limit to make sure they are not changing their ident too often to get unbanned from an IRC network. Normally, by this way you will not loose your trusted IP.
  • Users Can choose their own vhost for their bouncer. An admin-option is added to limit the number of users for one virtual host. This means it is possible to have for example 10 vhosts, limit every vhost to a maximum of 5 connections, and so allow the use of Quakenet without being glined for 50 users!
  • Users: Can view their invoices.
  • Admins: Different user levels (admin, user, sponsored user, new user, suspended user)
  • Admins: Easy to create invoices, automatic system to check if they are paid in time and to send a "remember" message
  • Admins: Webinterface can be entirely customized. This website is based on it!
  • Admins: Multi-language system included. Set a default language, and add others. If a non-default language page cannot be found, the default language page is automatically displayed.
  • Admins: Add/Remove virtual hosts
  • Admins: Adding other packages than bouncers is possible (not included). You can base your administration/website on our web interface!
  • Not officially supported, but if you send in a detailed bug, we might take a look at it.
  • Written in PHP 5.0. An example of the panel can be found here.
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