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The current release is version 4.0.2 released at 30 November 2010.
If you have any problems updating, please contact us. Do not forget to read the changelog! It contains important (update) information.

Date Description Download
30 Nov 2010 GameHostPanel 4.0.2 Update from 4.0.1
Several small bugfixes.
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24 Dec 2009 GameHostPanel 4.0.1 Update from 4.0.0
Several small bugfixes.
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8 Sept 2009 GameHostPanel 4.0.0 Full and Update from 3.0.2
Several new features and bug fixes. Please read changelog.txt.
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20 April 2009 GameHostPanel 3.0.2 Update from 3.0.1
Several new features and bug fixes. Please read changelog.txt.
New: Permanent redirects (better search ranking on google)
     Example: site.com to site.com/page/home or site.com/en/home (if you bought language module)
     Example 2: site.com to site.com/index.php?page=home (if you are not using friendly URL's)
New: For friendly URL system and old system: permanent redirects for incorrect urls.
Cleanup: index.inc.php has been cleaned from very old compatibility settings ~ GHP 2.2.2
New: Colums "name"added on invoice list. Invoice list defaults to open/unpaid payments.
Fixed: Several small bugs.
New: License system status is better (see license status menu item)
Removed: Several old compatibility things that were not used for ages.
New: You can disable modules you are licensed for in config.inc.php (but why would you?)
New: Improved internal security (database username/password no longer available everywhere)
New: You can get a notification about payments with icepay (but why would you? Contact us for more information)
New: Improved some layout things in the administrator panel
New: New modules added to default package, easy to activate
New: Invoice list now also lists the username. New filter option added.
Fixed: On login, no redirect to the thank-you page was done.
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16 feb 2009

GameHostPanel 3.0.1 Update from 3.0.0
Important update. Important security issue fixed for readonly-administrators. Many changes and small new features (most not documented in changelog however). Please read changelog.txt

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15 Sept 2008 GameHostPanel 3.0.0
See changelog for details. This version can be used to update from 2.2.9 as well as for a fresh installation. Updating is not as usual, please carefully read the changelog.
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13 April 2008 GameHostPanel 2.2.9 Update from 2.2.8
See changelog for details.
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23 Jan 2008 GameHostPanel 2.2.8 Update from 2.2.5 OR 2.2.6 OR 2.2.7
Some bugs fixed, please update.
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13 Jan 2008 GameHostPanel 2.2.5 Update from 2.2.3 OR 2.2.4
Several important updates and fixes, see changelog.
NOTICE: Did you download this update before 16-01-2008 and received the error "Error receiving setting "enable_advanced_invoice_system", please download the package again. The license file was an old version. If you added this setting to the database yourself, you do not need to update.
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11 Dec 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.3 Full
For a fresh installation.
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11 Dec 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.3 Update from 2.2.2
Several important bugfixes.
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16 Sept 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.2 Update from 2.2.1
Includes Teamspeak plugin (priced at 4 server-slots if enabled on the settings page, 4x5 = 20 Euro/Month). Improvements to invoice module. Lots of other changes, also see the changelog.
If you are having SSH2 problems, you might also want to get the download from 8 July under here. Read update information carefully!
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9 July 2007 Workaround for bug in newer version of SSHLib
Some users reported problems with a newer version of SSHLib installed on the system (a dependency for the PHP SSH2 libary). This version of SSHLib seems have a bug, but we created a workaround. Please use this file if you get the error "Sending install command...
Warning: ssh2_shell() [function.ssh2-shell]: Unable to request a channel from remote host"
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8 July 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.1 Update from 2.2.0
Important update for the payment check system. The new PDF invoices were failing if more than 4 users was sent a PDF in one run, and you system has only 16MB memory for PHP scripts.
This update also makes sending HTML invoices possible, if you prefer HTML over PHP, and fixes the PDF sending.
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6 July 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.0 FINAL
Lots of changes, make sure you read the changelog.txt. If you do not upgrade as written in the changelog, you will not get any support!
If you are upgrading from BETA < 3, please make sure you read the notitions of the other BETA versions.
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Older versions:

1 July 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.0 BETA 3
This version is probably the Final version of GHP 2.2.0. Lots of changes, make sure you read the changelog.txt. If you do not upgrade as written in the changelog, you will not get any support!
In this version, the missing SQL code (see under here) from beta2 has been included, as well as an updated "recover password" page. You can use the update file to update FROM BETA 2, but use the FULL file to update FROM 2.1.0.x!
Download Full

Download Update from BETA 2
  Bug 2.2.0 BETA 2:
The following SQL code was missing, please execute the following SQL in PHPMyAdmin:

CREATE TABLE `user_log` (
`id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`userid` iFnt(10) NOT NULL default '0',
`timestamp` int(10) NOT NULL default '0',
`ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL default '',
`log` text NOT NULL,

Blank invoice page on PHP5:
Make sure that in your PHP.ini you have set "zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = Off". It seems to cause problems with DOMPDF if this is "on".
26 June 2007 GameHostPanel 2.2.0 BETA 2 (and update from 2.1.0.x)
This version is probably the Final version of GHP 2.2.0. Lots of changes, make sure you read the changelog.txt. If you do not upgrade as written in the changelog, you will not get any support!
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4 Jan 2007 GameHostPanel Update from 2.1.0
You only need this update if you have downloaded GHP 2.1.0 update before 5 Jan 2007. One file was forgotten in the package, and caused problems by a few people.
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29 Dec 2006 GameHostPanel 2.1.0 Update from 2.0.8
See changelog.txt for update instructions and changes. Updated recommended because of some important fixes and one possible security leak. Warning: This update contains some bigger changes. Please backup your current file and make a dump of your database!
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11 Nov 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.8 Update from 2.0.7
A bit too much updates this month. This update contains a small fix for the license system, making it sometimes display "License check failed permanently" max. once a day. Bug was introduced in 2.0.6. You only have to replace one file.
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8 Nov 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.7 Full
GameHostPanel 2.0.7 Update from 2.0.6

Much improved pages for user-level game control. Serverstatus script included to display for example current number of players to a user. In the future we might extend this with an automatic script checking if the server is running the correct number of slots.
Admin pages also improved in date/time handling of activation date. This release is also available as full package. Only download the full package if you are a NEW customer. If you are already customer, please upgrade with the upgrade package from 2.0.6 and read the changelog for update procedures.
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6 Nov 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.6 Update from 2.0.5
Problem fixed where sometimes after ordering, the gameserver was not added to the database. user_gameserver_order.php is now supplied. This should have been already the case in 2.0.3, but it was however missing from the package. Also, a small update to the license system, which should make it check less often at some servers.
Note: The next release will be a release containing all updates.
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27 Oct 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.5 Update from 2.0.4
First install 2.0.4, then upgrade to this version.
This version contains an important security fix. We strongly recommend you to upgrade this one file asap!
Download Update
26 Oct 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.4 Update from 2.0.3
First install 2.0.3, then upgrade to this version.
This file contains a fix for the licensesystem. In some countries it was failing because of daylight saving time. Just replace the licensecheck file.
Download Update
24 Oct 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.3 Update from 2.0.2
First install 2.0.2, then upgrade to this version. Also, read the documentation as supplied with this version instead of 2.0.2.
* A text in the paymentcheck script has not been updated. To let the payment check automatically run, enter the following command in your crontab:
sh -c "cd /location/of/website/; php /location/of/website/payment_check_cron.php start" >> /location/of/website/payment_check_log.html
Download Update
11 Sep 2006 GameHostPanel 2.0.2 Full Download Full
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