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GameHostPanel Documentation

Short documentation is included with the GHP download. Please read thoroughly, before requesting support.
New to Linux? Do not use this gamepanel if you have no intention of learning Linux. It has been written for professional use by people with a long IT background. Do not request support for Linux problems! If you do have questions about GHP itself, the internal working of it, or if you have problems installing GHP itself, please contact us and we will help you out. Oh, and if you don't know what Linux distribution you need: We recommend Debian! Either the Stable or Testing version.

Soon we will setup a forum, so you can share your knowledge with other users.


How can I receive an e-mail when someone orders a gameserver?
A: Open pages/user_gameserver_order. Put somewhere AFTER the line with "$mail = new PHPMailer();" and BEFORE the line with "if(!$mail->Send()) {" the following:
$mail->AddBCC('recipient1@domain.com', 'First Person');
If you like, you can add this line multiple times with different e-mail addresses, to receive more copies. The user who orders the server will not be able to see the BCC to you.
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20 April, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.2 Release!
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16 February, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.1 Released!
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29 January, 2009
Freelancers gezocht!
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14 September, 2008
GameHostPanel 3.0.0 Released!
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