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GameHostPanel Modules

Modules are extensions to GameHostPanel. Modules are not free and can be enabled by a license. Licenses can be obtained if you already have a license, of if you are running a trial version of GameHostPanel. Please request a license for a module by sending an e-mail to info@likefiction.com.

Module: PayPal
The PayPal module make it easy for users to pay their invoices with just a click on a button. If you want, you can also charge transaction costs to the user (automatically creating a second invoice) for the use of PayPal. The invoice is automatically set at paid once the user has paid for it.

Price: € 150,-
Total price in combination with Invoice Instalment module: € 200,- (You save € 100,- !)

Module: Invoice instalments
Sometimes you want your customer to pay 50% before your service, and 50% after delivering your service. Or maybe 33,67 or 33,33,34 or any percentage/amount you like. With this module, you can make as many instalments for your customers are you desire. Every instalment can be paid with PayPal (if you buy the PayPal module). Instalments are clearly listed on the invoice and easy to manage in the administrator interface. Request your trial to see how it works today. After your trial ended, open invoices will still be usable.

Price: € 150,-
Total price in combination with Invoice Instalment module: € 200,- (You save € 100,- !)

Module: Teamspeak

The Teamspeak module allows administrators to easily allow ordering and activating Teamspeak servers. Once an administrator activates a Teamspeak server, the server will be automatically created withing the Teamspeak software/server, and the details will be presented to the administrator and user on your website. The user can click a link to manage the Teamspeak server. Request a trial today!

Price: € 20,- per month

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