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GameHostPanel Technical info

Your master-server (with web server) will connect to the slave-servers by using a secure SSH connection. Every slave-server will run a FTP server itself (although it is possible to run a FTP server on the master-server only, experience learns that using this setup with NFS is not stable). On the slave-server, every gameserver installation will run under their own user/group with strict permissions.
This setup will make sure that: 1) More than 32 gameservers are supported for high-end servers, 2) Users cannot view or change other user’s files, 3) all games will work, including the Steam update functionality.

On the slave-servers, all games will be runned inside a screen, which makes it possible to control the gameserver after it was started, and have complete logging available. The (re)start and installation scripts are also available the slave server, so that in case your master-server is temporary not available, you are still able to control your games.
Installation of the slave-server is very easy: Just run one executable, it will prepare your slave-system’s users, scripts and a few settings. We use PureFTPd as FTP server, it can be started by simply using one single command on the shell. No configuration file editing needed!

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20 April, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.2 Release!
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16 February, 2009
GameHostPanel 3.0.1 Released!
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29 January, 2009
Freelancers gezocht!
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14 September, 2008
GameHostPanel 3.0.0 Released!
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